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Restaurant Point Of Sales(Refcafe)

We provide complete Restaurant and Bar Point of Sale (POS)Software in Kenya and East Africa. Our Restaurant and Bar Point of Sale System can be easily tailored for use in any type of food service establishments such as Restaurants, fastfood Joints, Bars, Clubs, Lounges and Cafeterias.

Refcafe Restaurant Point Of Sales is a modern Restaurant Management System/Hotel POS to make the work of managing your easy and efficient. Fully Touch enabled and Accessible across devices, its loaded with features and reports. Refcafe comprises of a Hotel Property Management System( PMS). It is best for any Hotel , Restaurant , and motels, Appartments or Cottages

Refcafe POS is a robust, reliable system that has been tested on very busy establishments in Kenya and East Africa. Built on a powerful database backend and a futuristic web based GUI, our system is scalable and adaptible to ever changing business needs and technology.

Restaurant Point of sale

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Browser based system accessible on any device ( Does not Require internet to work, can be run from local server)
Incorporates advanced order management system to ensure your waiters have an easy time attending to your customers

  • Extensive Staff Management and Access Levels.
  • Server based system, Hosted onsite or on the cloud.
  • Touch Enable Point of Sale (POS) Interface
  • Comprehensive order tracking and efficient end of day/ shift reports per waiter. All paid and unpaid bills are tracked in real time
  • Inventory Management,Assset Management/ Tracking
  • MultiBranch Manage Multiple food restaurant in various locations
  • Print Sale Order and Captain Order
  • Menu Management /Food Costing: Build your Menu and Accurately cost each ingredient.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Cash, Card & MPESA
  • Detail Reports : Graphical, HTML & Excel Export

Other Cool Features!
Let your customers access your menu and offers via your wifi
Feedback and personalised service to your customers. Differentiate your restaurant using our social connection system integrated to the POS

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